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Hello!  My name is Eric Berger, and I am doing business as RVSM HELP.  Until recently, I was the Manager of Aviation Technology and an International Training Captain for a Fortune 20 company that operated a fleet of five jets domestically and internationally.  In that position, I had the often frustrating responsibility of coordinating the certification requirements of the company's aircraft with the local Federal Aviation Administration office.  I have now taken those lessons learned into my new role with RVSM HELP.

My experience with avionics and certification requirements began in a previous position as a Beechcraft King Air instructor and consultant.  Beechcraft (sorry, I still can't bring myself to call it Raytheon) had one objective when it came to installing avionics - give the customer what they want.  Because of this philosophy, until the 1990s King Airs never had standard avionics packages.  Each aircraft was built with an avionics installation designed to the customer's specifications.  What that provided me was a wide range of hands-on experience with avionics from all the major manufacturers, including Collins, Honeywell, Bendix-King (now part of Honeywell), Universal, and many others.  I had to learn and teach how various components operated individually and how they integrated into systems with other components.

In my previous position, I took this valuable education and used it to complete several upgrade and certification projects, including RVSM certification for five aircraft, North Atlantic MNPS certification for four aircraft, and RNP-10 and RNP-5 certification for three aircraft.  Along with these certification projects, I also oversaw a Flight Management System standardization program for the fleet, managed the cockpit upgrade and Collins Proline 4 EFIS retrofit of a Falcon 50, and completed numerous other avionics installation upgrades.

Even today while working with these types of certification projects, I remember the frustration created during my first attempts.  A large amount of wasted time and energy was caused by not knowing what the FAA wanted in the application process and how they wanted it.  My goal is to allow you to benefit from my experiences, thus allowing completion of your certification or avionics upgrade project with a minimum of hassle and time spent.