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Your RVSM and Avionics Solution Source

Reduced Vertical Separation Minimums (RVSM) airspace has been a growing part of the world's airspace system for several years now.  Prior to 2005, if you had any recent opportunity to operate over the Atlantic or Pacific oceans, or in European airspace, you probably had been exposed to RVSM operations and possibly trained in RVSM procedures.

In January 2005, the Federal Aviation Administration implemented domestic RVSM (DRVSM) to coincide with RVSM implementation throughout North America.  An operator is now required to have FAA approval in the form of a Letter of Authorization, or Operating Specification, to operate in the airspace between Flight Level 290 and Flight Level 410 .  This LOA is granted only after completing a formal application process, including aircraft altimeter certification and flight crew training.

As of now, many aircraft certified to operate above Flight Level 290 have yet to be modified and authorized for RVSM operations.  If you are still contemplating RVSM approval, or are acquiring an RVSM capable aircraft, ask yourself this question.  Are your aircraft and flight crews ready for RVSM certification?  If not, let RVSM HELP guide you through the process.